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How to transfer

Simplicity is the key, therefore this bank transfer website was created to be transparent and intelligible.
You have to be a registered user to use the PTT website. To register please call on 0207 1833 604. It will take only five minutes.

A bank transfer may be processed in two ways: by deposit in the Profit Tree Transfers account or by withdrawal from the card.
If you would like to transfer money to your account, please write your name in reference and transfer the money via on-line banking at:
Profit Tree Transfers sort No. 400213, account No. 11733370. After conversion you will get a transaction confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided in registration. You will find the current exchange rate on the website’s home page.

If you prefer to withdraw from the card, please call 0207 1833 604 to process the order.
If you have already set up a standing order, you do not have to do anything more and we will take care of the rest.
If you transfer money on regular basis, standing order will be the most convenient option for you as the whole process is carried out automatically. To set up a standing order, please contact the Profit Tree Transfers office.

Thanks to Profit Tree Transfers, life becomes easier.

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